A Festive Message from the CEO

Dear Customers and Partners,

As this year draws to a close, I’d like to thank you on behalf of the team at Optimate for your support, feedback and great conversations in the past 12 months. You have given us the opportunity to collaborate on so many innovative and challenging projects and build solid relationships with the fantastic people to make up the operational data community.

Optimate will continue to transform in 2020 as we keep on developing our team and capability. Based on our core values of Accountability and Transparency we look forward to work together with you in the new year; we’ll ask lots of questions, throw some curve balls, present problem-solving solutions, engage divergent thinking, be slightly annoying as we are stubborn engineers, and deliver great projects together.

On behalf of the Optimate Team we wish you a great and safe festive season.

Kind regards

Francois Mevis.


DATE: Dec 20, 2019
AUTHOR: Admin_Optimate