Optimate is a leading provider of products, professional services and solutions specialising in process automation and operational intelligence to optimise production performance. Optimate has extensive expertise spanning Integrated Operations Systems, Process Automation, OSIsoft PI System & Data Integration and OPC & Communications with intimate knowledge of analytics, systems integration, historians, supervisory control, networks and automation control systems. With offices located in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Houston – Texas, Optimate provides professional services and solutions into the Power, Oil & Gas, Water, Mining, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing industries.

Using the principles of continuous improvement and the latest proven technologies and techniques, Optimate can help your organisation realise world-class operational efficiencies. We bring together a unique mix of skills, experience and technology that enables us to deliver solutions specifically targeted at achieving operational excellence.

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Mission and Vision

  • Mission – “We deliver process automation and operational intelligence to optimise production performance”
  • Vision – “The partner of choice for process automation and operational intelligence”


Our range of consulting, project execution and service offerings includes requirements definition, system design, reviews and recommendations, project management, customer representative, implementation, change and transition management and optimisation.


  • Automation and integration strategies and reviews
  • Historian and Data Management Strategies and Reviews
  • OPC Solutions and Architectures
  • Control and supervisory systems review and design
  • Production and downtime management strategies and reviews

Automation and integration strategies and reviews

  • Site readiness studies
  • Requirements Definition
  • Stakeholder interviews and requirements gathering
  • Business processes and procedures identification & development
  • Alignment of requirements with business goals
  • Requirements to benefits mapping

Solution Architecture and application design

  • System integration design
  • Software architecture and communications design
  • Hardware & technology architecture design
  • Data validation and quality management designs


  • Configuration and implementation of software systems
  • Develop and implement information reporting systems
  • Real-time production, MES data and systems of record
  • Composite portal for presentation of operations data

Tools and Methodologies

  • Design custom methodologies for specific project efficiency
  • Calculation and Validation engine that integrates with the OSIsoft PI System
  • Asset Framework Management Console that integrates with the OSIsoft PI AF System
  • Advanced visualisation using Tatsoft FactoryStudio
  • Custom / Bespoke Software development