Integrated Operations

Integrated Operations Solutions

Many companies currently experience difficulty in accessing information. In many cases this presents as requests between personnel for information that someone else needs to do their job, or in information that is out of date or incorrect. This occurs when the systems, processes and data integrity are not orchestrated to effectively support the value stream within the business. Some organisations experience difficulty when trying to integrate the transactional information in business systems with the real time data in production systems. Integrated Operations Solutions bridge this gap.
Integrated Operations Solutions provide targeted access to operations information from available data sources in the context of the task at hand. This simplified access to all associated information pertinent to the task minimises the response time to appropriate action. An IOS will mean different things for different companies as their systems, processes and data are aligned to the business specific needs.


  • A single source of truth for operations information
  • An operations knowledge management system
  • An integrated set of technology components delivering validated information
  • A comprehensive set of “role centric” visual content
  • An operations portal
  • An operations support system
  • A centralised (remote) operations centre


  • System and Data Health Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Plant / Asset Monitoring and Control
  • Alarm Monitoring, Management and Analysis
  • Production Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimisation
  • Production and Maintenance Planning Support
  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Operations Information for Management
  • Management and Compliance Reporting