Introducing Rob Fox

This week we welcome Rob Fox to The Optimate Team.

Rob is an Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working with Operational Data, with a strong technical understanding of the OSIsoft PI System from design to implementation. His established history of diagnosing and resolving software issues has a firm customer focus. Always up for a challenge, he is pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology to add to his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University.
We have taken some time to ask Rob some questions to get to know him a little better and you can read more about him below.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I moved over here (WA) when I was about 14 from Shepparton in central Victoria. Been pretty happy in Perth ever since! Live with my partner, no pets (though we’re working on that problem). I also play in/volunteer for the Perth Street Roller Hockey league – a social sports league here.

How did you come to be working at Optimate?
I sort of fell into the operational data “thing”. I studied Chemical Engineering, but late in my degree I realised I much prefer the software and data side of things, so I joined OSIsoft’s technical support team. After working there for a few years and getting to know PI pretty well, I decided that it was time to move towards something a bit more on the services/solutions side. Optimate seemed like the perfect fit!

Last question! What do you think the future is for this industry?
That’s a big one. There’s no question that data collection is getting more pervasive. I think the bigger issue is getting it in the hands of the right people so that they can make more informed decisions, which is ultimately a big boost to efficiency and/or safety. There are some real challenges around how we get the data to the right people while making sure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. It’s an exciting place to be right now!

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Rob a little better and be sure to keep an eye out for him in our Perth office.

DATE: Oct 20, 2020
AUTHOR: Admin_Optimate