OPC & Communications

OPC is the most widely used protocol for industrial communication. It is used for communications between devices and applications allowing businesses to access data from any system irrespective of who manufactured the device or created the software. OPC software exists for many systems accross many industries each having a unique configuration sequence to ensure optimal communications between these devices is achieved. In practise, these systems usually need to be designed before they are implemented as the architectures can quickly become very complex. Without propoer design, companies can run the risk of implementing solutions that won’t work, take too long to get working, don’t work optimally or negatively impact their existing systems.

A few things you should consider before embarking on an OPC implementation are data throughput, OPC Client/Server Specifications (DA, HDA, A&E), Tag count, Read/Writes, Network quality, Redundancy, OPC to OPC communication, Localised Buffering, Network Topology including firewalls etc.

Optimate has one of the most experienced OPC teams in the industry. We are trusted by many major organisations to provide design, commissioning, testing, troubleshooting and support for their OPC infastructure. Our intimate knowledge of not only the software but also the network, communications and industrial systems such as DCS/SCADA/PLC/Metres allow us to provide an overall reduced risk solution for your connectivity.

Need assistance with OPC?


  • Reduced implementation time
  • Reduce overall project risk
  • Secure OPC connection
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Support


  • Consulting
  • System design and architecture
  • Commissioning
  • Validation and testing
  • Site and system audits