Optimate Forge

Optimate Forge

Optimate Forge gives system administrators a cost effective tool to quickly deploy new or change existing OSIsoft PI AF configurations. Optimate Forge is specifically designed to manage the integrity of your Asset Framework by enforcing standards, templates and metadata rules to ensure all changes comply with the original design intent.

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Optimate Forge Benefits

  • Guarantee the integrity of your design by enforcing rules during configuration then validating changes before checking in.
  • Reduce your engineering effort using bulk imports from common source file types.
  • Simplify linking of data using drag and drop.
  • Enable a systematic approach to configuration maintenance by powerful searching and comparison features.
  • Use on “as required” basis without affecting independent editing using built-in AF features.
  • Better leverage the power of AF by simplifying the configuration task.

Optimate Forge Features

  • Import any existing AF configuration including templates into Forge.
  • Import bulk lists of tags, assets and hierarchies using the import wizard.
  • Instantly compare imported data with currently configured data in AF and deal with exceptions.
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities to examine metadata in large databases fast.
  • Link groups of tags/attributes to hierarchies using advanced drag and drop functionality.
  • Search and bulk edit template attributes.