Origin Power StationOrigin Energy – Integrated Operations Centre

Design and Integration of a monitoring centre with real time, context sensitive access to all data across all sites within their generation portfolio. Production Plans, Plant Data, Alarms, Operator Logs, Calculations, KPI’s, Reports, Drawings, Documents, Asset details, Work Orders, Maintenance Plans, Procedures, and related web pages are all synchronised with the selected context ( Assets ). A Large and Comprehensive implementation of OSISoft’s PI and Asset Framework and Matrikon Universal Communications Servers was fundamental to the federating asset model. Optimate’s scope included Requirements, Feasibility, System Architecture, Design and Specifications, Systems Integration, OSI PI and AF Implementation, System Health Monitoring, Testing and Rollout.

Verve Power Station Synergy – Operations Intelligence Platform

Verve is in the process deploying platform integrating process and operational data from all of their generation facilities. Integration of Production & Operational Performance measures, reports, dashboards, equipment maintenance and documentation are objectives of the project. Optimate is providing technical and consulting services aligned with best assisting Verve in this project.