Response to the COVID-19 outbreak

To all our customers and partners, 

I’d like to update you on the measures Optimate has put in place in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

Over the last couple of weeks we have prepared our organisation to continue all work from home or another ‘remote’ location, including remote access to our customer systems. These preparations have been completed successfully; we are set up to deliver high-quality and reliable service under all circumstances.

For those customers where we are an embedded part of your team in your offices, we’ll align to the measures you put in place. If it makes sense to work from your offices we’ll continue to do that, if your preference is to work remote we are fully capable of continuing our service from remote locations.

Internally we have taken the following additional measures. 

As of Monday, March 16th all our employees default work location will be from home, only coming into our offices when essential. Employees in risk categories already made this shift in an earlier stage.

In addition we have issued a travel ban for non-essential travel.
If you have any questions regarding this message, or would like specific information about our support to your organisation, please feel free to reach out.

On behalf of Optimate Pty Ltd, take care,

Francois Mevis

DATE: Mar 13, 2020
AUTHOR: Admin_Optimate