Managed Support Services

WHAT we do

Optimate’s OT Support Services uses scalable technology and repeatable measured processes. Our team of technical SME’s proactively monitor and analyse your OT Systems for abnormal situations and tunes them for optimal performance. This results in timely and accurate OD that feeds your critical business systems.


WHY we do it

• Your engineers won’t get pulled off jobs to react to a situation;
• Your systems will be configured and deployed to industry best practice;
• Your OT platform will be updated in a measured and controlled manner;
• Your OT platforms will be proactively monitored, anomaly detected and deviations corrected, ensuring adherence to required service-levels;
• You will enjoy reduced cost in the upkeep and maintenance of your operational systems, allowing you to focus on what you do best;
• We will help you repurpose your control systems engineers and information engineers to increasing value to the business versus supporting and band-aid’ing OT;
• We will help you get back to core competencies and rely on Optimate to keep the lights on.


         HOW we do it