Optimate Integrator for PI System to Splunk

The Optimate Integrator for PI System to Splunk installs into the Splunk environment and allows you to run Splunk searches against an OSIsoft PI Data Archive, Asset Framework or Collective via the OSIsoft PI WebAPI. The Integrator has been developed in Java so it supports both Linux and Windows Splunk environments. The Integrator comes with custom commands as well the ability to run PI expressions, giving you significant data extraction capabilities to leverage Splunk’s reporting, alerting, dashboarding and the machine learning tool kit.

+ Integration between Osisoft PI and Splunk
+ Cross Platform supporting Windows and Linux
+ PI Data, AF Metadata and AF Data Ingestion
+ Custom Command Sets
+ Machine Learning capabilities

TMS – Tag Management System

Optimate TMS gives system administrators a cost effective tool to quickly deploy new or change existing OSIsoft PI Asset Framework configurations. Optimate TMS is specifically designed to manage the integrity of your Asset Framework by enforcing standards, templates and metadata rules to ensure all changes comply with the original design intent.

+ Import any existing AF configurationin cluding templates into TMS.
+ Import bulk lists of tags, assets and hierarchies using the import wizard.
+ Instantly compare imported data with currently configured data in AF and deal with exceptions.
+ Powerful search and filtering capabilities to examine metadata in large databases fast.
+ Link groups of tags/attributes to hierarchies using advanced drag and drop functionality.
+ Search and bulk edit template attributes.

Documentation / Links
+ TMS Flyer
+ Contact us about TMS

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